• Akshar Fee Management Solutions P Ltd("Company"/ "Aksharcred") is an Indian limited liability company registered and incorporated under the Companies Act, 2013, and has its registered offices at A3-603, Kumar Prospera Society, Magarpatta Road, Hadapsar, Pune-411028 IN ("Company"). Aksharcred is the owner of and the mobile application ("Website"/ "Platform"). Aksharcred provides its products and services ("Services") through the mobile app/Website.
  • This Privacy Policy covers the practices for handling and securing your Information by the Company gathered through the Website or the provision of the Services. This Privacy Policy is applicable to all persons ("you"/ "your"/ "Customer"/ "users") who access, use, purchase any Services from the Company or its subsidiaries or affiliates or its brands through Aksharcred's mobile applications, website, mobile sites and other online channels and through other interactions and communications with the Company or its agents or affiliates.
  • By accessing the Services provided by the Company and/or accessing the Platform, you expressly consent and confirm to the Company for collecting, maintaining, using, processing and disclosing your Information in accordance with this Privacy Policy. If you do not agree with this Privacy Policy or the Terms of Use or any other policies of the Company published on any Platform, at any time, you are not to use any of the Services and shall exit the Platform. The Terms of Use and other policies of the Company stand incorporated by reference into this Privacy Policy.


  • The Company intends to protect the privacy of its users accessing or using its Services on the Platform, and the privacy of the data provided by the users to the Company from time to time.
  • The privacy of our users, whether they are our former or existing users or merely a visitor to our Platform, is important to us and we are strongly committed to your right to privacy and to keeping your personal and other information secure. We encourage the users to our Platform to read this Privacy Policy in detail to understand what types of Information we collect and how we use this Information.


  • For the purposes of rendering the Services, the Company may collect your information from various channels, including, but not limited to, voluntary submission of information from your end in furtherance of the access or usage of the Services, through requests initiated by you through the Services, through communication with third parties, voluntarily complete a customer survey or feedback for, procurement of any service from a third-party from our Platform, use or view the Website via your web browser cookies, the Company will also collect information regarding your taste and preferences by monitoring your activity on the Platform.
  • The minimum age for a user to be registered for the Services is the age of contractual consent under applicable law or 18 years, whichever is lower. We do not knowingly collect any information from any person under the age of 18. If you are below the age of 18, please contact us at If you are aware of a user under the age of 18 using our Services, please contact us at



  • PII, as used in information security and privacy laws, is information that can be used on its own or with other information to identify, contact, or locate a single person, or to identify an individual in context. PII includes but is not limited to name, e-mail address, gender, date of birth, postal address, phone number, KYC information, banking details, bank account number, bureau information, and other details shared via the Platform, any application form or email or any other medium.
  • Any information exchanged by you with the Company in the form of written communication, responses to emails, feedback provided, participation in discussions, etc. is handled with confidentiality and will be available for the exclusive use of the Company.
  • Third-party service providers whose services may form part of the Services provided by Aksharcred may also collect PII as per the terms and conditions applicable from by such third-party service providers. By procuring the Services or visiting the Platform, the users hereby agree to be bound by the terms of such third-party service providers.


  • NPI includes the IP address of the device used to connect to the Platform along with such other information such as browser details, operating system used, the name of the website that redirected the visitor to the Platform, etc. The Company requests you to note that when you access the Platform or receive emails or any communication from the Company, the Company along with its affiliated companies and permitted agents, use cookies and/or pixel tags to collect information and store your online preferences.


  • The Company may from time to time add or enhance or modify the Services available on the Platform. To the extent these Services are provided to, and used by you, the Company will use the information provided by you in this regard to facilitate the access or use of the Services.
  • The Company may also collect other non-specific information to provide you better access to the Services each time such as preferences and interests and other non-personal details names shared via the Platform, any application form or email or any other medium. For instance, if you email us with a question or provide feedback, we will use your email address, name, nature of the question, feedback etc. to respond to your question or feedback. We may also store and publish such information to assist us in making the Platform better and easier to use.
  • The Company may also collect specific Information from you when you access our Services through our Platform. For example, you may be asked to enter information about yourself, such as your postal code, job title, company details, areas of professional interest and similar details. We may use this Information to customize our Services based on such Information provided by you including but not limited to rendering language-specific pages, updates, content, relevant ads and career opportunities.


  • When you create an account: If you want to access our Services, you must create an account with the Company. When you create an account with the Company, we ask for some personal information, including your email address and date of birth. We will ask permission to access basic information from that email account, such as your name and profile picture.
  • When you procure our Services: You may be required to provide us information for us to be able to provide you our Services. In order to provide such services and for ease in operations, the Company is required to maintain a customer file. To put together this file, we take the following documents and information from the customer:
    • A. PAN Number
    • B. Scanned Copy of PAN Card
    • C. Aadhaar using EKYC (scanned copy in case of any technical issue)
    • D. Scanned copy of Driver's License
    • E. Scanned copy of Passport
    • F. Bank Statement of Customer from where we store the Bank Details for any/all necessary transactions
    • G. Customer Phone Number and Email Address for communication purposes
    • H. Credit Data/Credit Report from Credit Information Companies (acquired from the concerned website from our end and in compliance with Aksharcred's Credit Terms and Conditions).
    • The Data collected from you may be utilized for the following purposes:
    • A. To provide any service that is incidental and/or ancilliary to Aksharcred's business;
    • B. For the evaluation of Aksharcred's existing services and/or to develop additional services;
    • C. To comply with all applicable laws;
    • D. To render our services to you and/or to enhance and improvise our services; and
    • E. To the extent permissible by existing agreements and/or applicable laws, the sharing or processing of your information in connection with services provided by Aksharcred.
  • When you visit our sites: We collect industry standard data from everyone who visits our sites, even if they do not have an account with us. This includes log data that automatically records information about your visit, such as your browser type, operating system, the URL of the page that referred you, the different actions you performed, and the IP address you used to access pages on the sites. We use this type of information to provide you with an experience that is relevant to your location based on the IP address, to enhance the sites, to prevent site misuse, and to ensure the site is working properly.
  • Customer Service: When you contact our customer support services, we may have to access your past interactions on the Platform and other contributions to our Services and collect the information we need to categorize your question, respond to it, and, if applicable, investigate any breach of our Terms of Use or this Privacy Policy. We also use this information to track potential problems and trends and customize our support responses to better serve you.
  • Please Note: Our Services are a dynamic, innovative environment, which means we are always seeking to improve the Services we offer you. We often introduce new features, some of which may result in the collection of new information. Furthermore, new partnerships or corporate acquisitions may result in new features, and we may potentially collect new types of information. If we start collecting substantially new types of personal information and materially change how we handle your data, we will modify this Privacy Policy and notify you in accordance with Section 9.


  • We use the information and content you provide to us to conduct research and development and to customize and enhance your experience while trying to make it relevant and useful to you. We would also be sharing the information with others in the manner provided in this Privacy Policy.
  • Please note that the Company does not trade or sell your PII, unless express consent is sought from you. Any information provided by you to us or any third-party service provider as part of the Services may automatically be retained and stored by Aksharcred.
  • Please note that only Company Authorized Employee(s) can access these data including the sensitive PII data for various kinds of evaluation and all this data is rendered by masking them.
  • All of the data is encrypted and stored in Databases which can only be accessed by the data administrator. However, they cannot establish it due to the tokenization of data along with encryption from the company's end.
  • The data stored by the company is shared with the NBFC (non-banking financial institution), in exclusivity. All the data shared with NBFC is unmasked except in the case of Aadhaar, which is always masked in all the cases.
  • The Company, however, may share the collected Information with its subsidiaries, divisions, and affiliates, or with a third party as part of any sale, merger or acquisition. The Company will also share the Information with its service providers, as may be required, to provide you with the Services. In the interest of providing quality and efficiency in the Services, you agree to inform the Company of any changes to your PII, and also undertake to protect the security of your username, password and PII in relation to the Platform and the Services.
  • In addition to the disclosures reasonably necessary for the purposes identified above, the Company may disclose your PII to the extent that it is required to do so: (i) by law, (ii) in connection with any legal proceedings or prospective legal proceedings, (iii) in order to establish, exercise or defend its legal rights, (iv) on account of a governmental or judicial request, (v) to enforce or apply our terms of use with you, or (vi) to protect the rights or safety of the Company or its users.
  • Any NPI and "Other information" as defined under Section 4.2 and Section 4.3 of this Privacy Policy as well as the data analyses arising therefrom may be shared by the Company to its existing and potential partners, advertisers, investors, and others.
  • The Company may have presence on social networking websites including but not limited to LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and blogs which are promotional and business initiatives to attract, engage and connect to a larger group of people. The domain links contained therein may either direct you to our Platform or request your participation by way of feedback, suggestions, etc. The Company, in this regard, fully disclaims any liability(ies) or claim(s), which may arise by use/misuse of your feedback, suggestions, views, etc. on any of the aforementioned networking websites or blogs, by any third party whether or not known to the Company.
  • In the event of a loss, theft or malfunctioning of your device, you are required to promptly inform us of the same, in order for us to disable the Services accessible through such device. You understand and accept that the reporting of such an event is solely your responsibility, contingent to which, we may enable you to access our Services as was previously available to you with the same terms and conditions as was previously applicable. However, we do not warrant the replacement or refund of our Services, on account of the loss, theft, malfunctioning etc. of your device, through which our Services were previously being accessed by you.
  • We may process your information outside the country where you live. We may transfer your information and process it outside your country of residence, wherever the Company, its affiliates and service providers operate.


  • All information collected in connection with the Services and/or on your device(s) may be stored with the Company. Information is also stored on your device(s) and is subject to the security and privacy policies of your device and storage providers. Any breach of such security and privacy is beyond the control of the Company, and you acknowledge that the Company cannot, and will not, be held responsible for such breaches security or privacy.
  • If the Company uses any vendor for storage of Information such as Amazon Web Services etc, all data storage by the vendor will be subject to the vendor's security systems, and any breach of such privacy or security policies of the vendor will be beyond the reasonable control of the Company, and the Company will not be held responsible for such breaches.
  • You understand and agree that the Company may continue to store your Information after you cease use of the Services or disable your use of, access to, or otherwise of the Services or the Platform. Please note that the Company shall not use, share or/ and disclose your PII with its affiliates, vendors, third parties etc., after you cease use of the Services or disable your use of, access to, or otherwise of the Services or the Platform. unless required by law to do so. The Company may however continue to use, share and/ or disclose your NPI in furtherance of its Policies.


  • The Company is committed in protecting your privacy and has taken all necessary and reasonable measures to protect your Information and handle the same in a safe and responsible manner in accordance with the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy. The Company ensures to safeguard the security of your PII by implementing standard electronic and managerial processes to protect against unauthorised access to and unlawful interception of PII.
  • The Company will ensure its best efforts to protect your Information available with the Company in line with commercially reasonable efforts and general industry standards; however, the Company does not represent, warrant, or guarantee that your Information will be protected against unauthorized access, loss, misuse, or alterations beyond the reasonable control of the Company, and does not accept any liability for the security of the Information submitted to the Company or for your or any third parties' misuse of your Information.
  • The Company may provide links to any other website or locations for your convenience, but the provision of such links does not signify our endorsement of such other website or location or its contents. The Company has no control over, does not review, and cannot be responsible for these outside websites or their content. Please be aware that the terms of this Privacy Policy do not apply to these outside websites or location or its contents.
  • Except as provided elsewhere in this Privacy Policy, the Company provides limited access to PII to those persons (including employees and contractors) who have a business need for such access.


  • The Company uses Razorpay/ Billdesk and Unified Payment Interface ("UPI ") for processing online payments with respect to the Services. We do not store your credit card details or debit card details or your internet banking details on our servers. The payment data is encrypted through the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) when processing your payments. Your purchase transaction data is only used as long as is necessary to complete your purchase transaction and is not saved thereafter.
  • The payment gateway adopted by the Company adheres to the standards set by PCI-DSS as managed by the PCI Security Standards Council, which is a joint effort of brands like Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.
  • PCI-DSS requirements will help ensure the secure handling of payment data information by the Platform. Payment gateways and other payment transaction processors will have their own privacy policies in respect to the information you are required to provide to them and we are required to provide to them for your payment-related transactions, and as such, those details will be governed by their privacy policies.


  • We reserve the right to modify, amend, suspend, terminate or replace this Privacy Policy at any time within our sole discretion, so please review it frequently. Changes and clarifications will take effect immediately upon their posting on the Platform. If we make material changes to this Privacy Policy, we will notify you that it has been updated to enable you to review the materially-changed Privacy Policy.


  • Each clause of this Privacy Policy shall be and remain separate from and independent of and severable from all and any other clauses herein except where otherwise expressly indicated or indicated by the context of the Privacy Policy. The decision or declaration that one or more clauses are null and void shall have no effect on remaining clauses of this Privacy Policy.


  • You agree and undertake to indemnify us in any suit or dispute by any third party arising out of disclosure of information by you to third parties either through our Site or App or otherwise and your use and access of websites, applications and resources of third parties. We assume no liability for any actions of third parties with regard to your personal information or SPDI which you may have disclosed to such third parties.


  • In accordance with the relevant provisions of the Information Technology Act, 2000, and the rules made thereunder, the name and contact details of the Grievance Officer who can be contacted with respect to any complaints or concerns including those pertaining to breach of the Terms of Use, Privacy Policy and other polices of the Company are published as under:


    • The Grievance Officer can be contacted between 10am to 5pm from Monday to Friday except on public holidays.
    • Note: Any query related to the services (Loan disbursal, repayments etc) would be answered only through dedicated email - or you can contact Aksharcred team on +91-9899488097.


  • The Company is incorporated in, and based out of India, and is duty bound to abide by the applicable Indian Laws.


  • If you would like to access, correct, amend or delete any of your Information which is with the Company; or deny/revoke any consent granted to the Company, please register a complaint, or if you want more Information about this Privacy Policy, please contact us at The Company will respond to, and address all reasonable concerns or inquiries in a reasonable amount of time.