Fee Management and Financing Solutions for Schools and Other Educational Institutes

We are Akshar, an app-based fee management platform. We aim to redefine fee payments and educational loans through unprecedented speed and ease. We make payments towards education purposes, simpler and smarter.

Discover More Financial Assistance To All

Be it Parents, School, or the School staff, Akshar caters to the requirement of all. We assist in extending an instant credit while ensuring flexibility in terms of loan repayment.


Know the details of the fee payable and choose to pay the fee from your own account or take a loan for fee payment. All at your comfort with the click of your mobile


Working with any educational institute in India, get instant personal loan in less than 30 minutes and choose the monthly instalments and repayment period as per your convenience

Schools and other Educational Institutes

We believe that the school need to have more focus on its core responsibilities of imparting knowledge to students and hence would want to help them get free them from financial worries

By providing loans to parents, we ensure that the school gets its funds in timely manner to manage its running expenses.
Unchanged: Also, we provide instant unsecured loan for any working capital need of the school or for any unforeseen expense that may come up. No need to go around to look for that extra funding for weeks and months, get in touch with our representative and get funds in less than 3 days.


Upfront Cashflow

Get your money early to manage your
expenses and plan your finances better.

No Collection Hassle

No resources spent on following up,
collections and reconciliation.


Increase in new Admissions and new enrolments

We help you get new admissions
through our payment plan

Happy Parents

Easy way to please your customers.

Happy Staff

Support your staff in times of need.

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